the perfect friday....part one

Friday, May 15, 2009

oh yes my dear friends, today was too much of a day to try and squeeze into one blog. i have never been one of those moms that takes a picture more than once. i tell reagan i am taking a picture, she does what she does, and i snap. today was the funniest day of pictures! i should preface this by saying that lately she has become an all singing all dancing whirling dervish! taking the dogs and dance....making breakfast lunch or and dance. so of course, a big day going to the city, was an all out musical spectacular!

this is waiting for the bus. she only went through 2 outfits today before settling on this one. fortunately, i have pretty much made her wardrobe very mix and match friendly....and she has a good sense of what is "stylish" (her new favorite word...used in context of course).

she loves the bus because they have big huge windows that she can stare out of. many songs were made about the colors of the seats (pink, blue, orange aaaaannnddd ssiiiiillllver). and she loves going in the tunnel!

we finally made our way to our subway train that would get us to the park. it was a lot of stairs and escalators and maybe one train in the wrong way. but we ended up in a completely empty subway car, which as is rare, is worthy of a picture. reagan is not into "pretty smile". she likes to make a face and see what it looks like!

once we finally made our way to the park, she decided that she wanted to hit the playground before the zoo. so we stopped at the first playground we found. she wasn't a fan of sand in her sandals. so "she" decided that we should just go to the zoo.

the "delacorte music clock" was a wonderful thing to come upon. we were lucky to see it twice. at the 12 o'clock hour (noon) it plays 'singing on the rain' and the animals go around. everyone stops to watch. reagan stops to watch everyone else stopping and watching!
so that is part one.....part two to come soon!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of her looking out from the bus with her little backpack.

{b} said...

soooo fun! i love a good trip to the park! cant wait for part two

Anonymous said...

And Part II is coming???

Anonymous said...

Reagan Rabbit really rare!!!
Of course, she's a natural at feeding the sheep...just like her petting zoo last year.