the perfect friday....part two

Sunday, May 17, 2009

i am not kidding when i say, go potty, get a snack.....this is going to be a loooong one!

after we had lunch it was time for the central park zoo . it is small, but very fun. we spent a lot of time just sitting and watching animals, which was a nice change of pace.

reagan in the rainforest

waving to the sea lions. this was her favorite place in the zoo. she did a lot of singing and dancing!

reagan waving to the polar bear, can you see him back there? he is doing the backstroke!

after the regular zoo we walked over to the children's zoo. it was so well done and so kid friendly. again, small, but sooo fun!

this is a lily pad bridge that goes over a little stream of water. it has a little spring in it so you can jump from pad to pad.
we found a little area that is a stage and seating used for animal shows. there were none when we were there, so reagan put on a show of her own!

reagan feeding sheep. she was a natural!
there were a lot of animals to climb on. next to this turtle were turtle "shells" so kids could slip in them and look like turtles. reagan wasn't into that!
this is one side of a fish observation area

this is the other side, looking across.

log tunnel to the rabbits
reagan rabbit!

the giant spider web was neat. i think this was one of her faves.
and that was the central park zoo and the childrens zoo. i highly recommend both. super fun, super cute!


{b} said...

what a perfect friday! love it!

tcandland said...

What a great mommy you are! I don't know if I could have handled such a fun filled day!

grandpa said...

Glad you are finding so much to do and enjoy in the City.