small town saturday.....LOVE IT

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

reagan is building up her summer wardrobe. she looooves sundresses. it is not quite sundress weather though.

a matching pink tshirt and orange barettes make the perfect outfit for spring!

the gas station where we park had a "grand opening" under new ownership. the had kung fu panda. she loved it.

she is not a big fan of the hulk. when we first moved here mike and i rented the movie and reagan calls him the "scary mean man". the only way she would take a picture was with mike and i...and there was still a protest!

after that we went to my new favorite restaurant "the rice shop". it is this tiny little place a couple towns over. it maybe has 10 tables. it is super delish though! it will definately be a stop when we have visitors!

after reagan ate half of my lunch and half of mike's, she wanted to show off some moves!


Anonymous said...

I am counting the days/hours/minutes to my arrival!!

{b} said...

i'm counting mine too!!! :) cant wait for the rice shop!

Grandpa said...

looked like a fun day, with the exception of the Hulk. I think he's mean and scarry toooo.