i think it might really be spring now?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

with the lovely weather we have been having we have been to do lots of fun things. we are walking to play group (that is more than a walk, its a hike! not far, just steep.) riding trikes down the street to the bakery to buy a cookie. taking dogs for walks (more just to wear them out!)
the easter bunny brought fun spring surprises and now we can use them.....

sidewalk chalk is even more fun on the door to the basement. the sidewalk is so "boring" (guess who's new favorite word).

this is the window to our bedroom. reagan is talking to daddy and blowing bubbles for fiona.

spring time girl!

green! green! green!


Anonymous said...

Regs must be glad to explore the great outdoors without rain/snow.
New vocabulary,huh??? The best is yet to come!!!