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Sunday, April 19, 2009

let's face candland loooves an amusement park. and after our first winter and all that we have been through we decided to treat ourselves to a special day. reagan reached the magic 36 inches that opened up a whole new world of rides.....

six flags adventure friends

this was by far reagan's favorite ride. it was in wiggles world and it takes them up and drops them down. she smiled and laughed the whole time. she also keeps a careful eye on who's ever on the ride with her to check out thier reaction. its a trip!

daddy was excited to take her on the pirate ship. you know the one that swings. i hate that thing. reagan loved it. she is a braver girl than i for sure! look how tiny she looks!

she also loves tea cups. this ride was like teacups in the air. it went high in the sky and round and round. see the ground below us??

another one that i was not about to do was the parachute drop. once i saw how high it went, i was so glad i was on the ground. reagan of course thought it was so great. they were so high in the sky i couldn't even see them!

and then they get dropped down. even better!

this little roller coaster was so funny. i had just been on a super scary roller coaster so i thought this would be a breeze. this little sucker had some kick!

it was a fabulously fun day. we are all a little pink from the sun. i told mike i don't know how i lived in arizona for so long! it was 80 degrees yesterday and i thought if it was any hotter i would just die!


juju said...

Wow...what a brave princess! JuJu will stick to the rides that stay on the terra firma.

Grandpa said...

That's my girl, flying though the air and loving it......