easter morn and chicky poo

Sunday, April 12, 2009

note to self: easter on the east coast is a little colder than we are used to! of course, apparently no one told target either, because they didn't have the warmest selection! unfortunatley the pics we have of her in the dress (and turtleneck and tights) didn't turn out that great. it is supposed to be warm tomorrow so i am going to dress her up in it again and no one will ever remember that i took her easter pictures this year on monday!

it took me a loooong time to wake miss reagan up this morning. don't let the glazed look fool you. when she half opened her eyes, she immediately asked if the easter bunny had come.

not only did he fill her basket, but he hid some eggs. what a swell bunny!

fiona is curious. or nosy. sometimes i can't decide.

the children's choir had a performance today in church. this is just the practice before hand.

it was a lovely performance. there were probably 10 more kids in addition to these girls.

and now, we would like you to meet chicky poo.

the easter bunny left reagan an egg that grows and then hatches in the water. when we got home from church we put it in a glass. upon realizing that reagan wanted to pick it up and move it....often....it was transferred into a cup. then finally we found a more permanent home. reagan decided it was a girl...of course...and has named her chicky poo.

chicky poo's container was looking a little, well, ghetto. so we added some stickers and a ribbon. now we just wait for her to hatch and then grow.

how exciting are we?


{b} said...

ALL so creative! what a fun easter little miss reagan has had!

JuJu said...

Chicky Poo sounds very interesting to say the least...and it looks like Miss R had a wonderful Easter.143