44 cents + 10 minutes = yummy donuts

Saturday, April 11, 2009

i saw this and thought reagan would love it soooo much! donuts are her fave. fresh donuts that she gets to make herself? are you even kidding me? i may never have to buy a store bought donut again!


can of biscuits

we used the little cup that you use to dispense tylenol. this makes perfect holes.

i heated up a pan of oil and threw them in. they cook ridiculously fast.

reagan mixed together cinnamon and sugar and we poured it in a bag and added the cooked donuts and donut holes. shake shake shake. i would recommend removing then and letting them cool. i left them in the bag and the heat made condensation in the bag and if left too long, you'd end up with soggy donuts.

really, she does like them. i did not force her to do this. she just is under the weather. child abuse by forced donut making? really?

but now we all have ideas for the next time we make donuts. mike wants his with honey. i think with a medicine syringe, i could fill the holes with jam. i also want to do a chocolate gnache type topping. reagan wants powder sugar. fun cookie cutters would be good too! the possibilites are endless.


JuJu said...

The donuts looks yummy;the donut maker looks like she got up early to make them...does Jersey have child labor laws?