our little prince

Thursday, March 19, 2009

i know it is our fault. when we got oliver we spoiled him with trips to 'a day in paradise' every week. of course, he did have to defend himself against romeo. but he has always been 'my boy'. when i was pregnant he was the one that laid with me in the bathroom next to the toilet. and he would snuggle against me on the couch when i felt i couldn't be sick anymore. he is mostly patient with reagan and gives her a good warning when he's had enough of her. he has tolerated fiona (who grew bigger than him rather quickly) and lately will even let her get within a foot of him without freaking out. i know he gets grumpy when his hair gets too long. things being the way they are, i thought i would treat him to a hair trim......myself. he was patient and tolerant as long as he could stand (as he is in any situation....reagan dressing him up.....fiona sniffing in spaces and places...me flipping and flopping as i sleep). and although he is being a little standoffish right now, i know he appreciates the trim. he just wants to see what is coming to snuggle, sniff or dress him before they get there.

this was fiona's baby bed, but oliver likes to snuggle in it when he thinks no one is paying attention.

this is the "before".

he was really still and patient. probably because he didn't want to lose an eye or a nostril or look tooooo ridiculous!

and this is my little prince after his first at home haircut. admittedly, i am not getting a job as a "dog beautician" but my pup can see what is coming at him! which i think is fair! :)


{b} said...

well done sue! he looks handsome! i am so proud, and i bet your landlord/salon owner is as well!! :)

JuJu said...

Ollie Dollie looks good...he must feel better!!!