saturday of art and sandwiches

Sunday, March 22, 2009

this weekend we took reagan to the newark museum. the art project for the weekend was to re-create this painting. In his playful 'buddha @ hotmail' (2006), gonkar gyatso of london is even more direct in his look at the place of Buddha in international popular culture. he creates a kind collaged buddhist silhouette, using stickers depicting everything from marge simpson to hello kitty.

there couldn't have been a better craft for reagan! she loooves stickers.

for her next project, she arranged a landscape.

and showed it off!

for daddy's big trick, he made me a super yummy tuna melt. sooooo goood!


jill said...

what a fun mom you are! and i can't believe she designed that landscape. you have one creative little girl on your hands.

ps. do you know i have probably not seen mike in like 5-10 years! i'm seriously trying to remember when it was. it had to have been at like a christmas or thanksgiving get together?

JuJu said...

you are such good parents ... R is lucky to be able do so many activities...tuna melt, yummy!

{b} said...

super fun! she is so crafty, just like her mom!
and mike the cook, i didn't know he had it in him!! :)

tcandland said...

Reagan is looking so big- I know, I know it's been forever!! But I'm back on track- nice trim, he looks quite nice!!