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Saturday, March 14, 2009

sometimes nothing big is happening but there are a bunch of little things to share. today is one of those times.

this is our first sign of spring!

i realized after looking at jill's blog i never finished posting pictures of our apartment, so since the house was cleaned to sparkling today i thought i'd show off the living room. as large as the room is it would have accommodated our large leather sectional and matching oversize ottoman beautifully. unfortunately there was not a door large enough to get the sofa through. hence the ikea cheap couch.

oh oliver.

reagan was showing off her poses and her outfit. she put it together herself.

this is her reaction to getting caught touching everything on mommy's desk while sitting in mommy's chair. you can tell she is remorseful!

cousin teghan sent a wonderful prize today! it is a pirate princess hat from disneyland and reagan put it on and gave a pretty princess smile!

then she made a pirate face!

“I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know anything
Oscar Wilde


jill said...

Cute house! I like the paint. And Reagan is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Wow reg I love your pirate face i hope u liked the letter
Love teghan

JuJu said...

Cute pictures...fake flowers, silly.

{b} said...

i love posts about nothing in particular! :) super cute!