snow angel

Monday, March 2, 2009

i knew going to bed last night that we would probably wake up to a snow day. happily, my errands for the morning were replaced with snuggling in bed and watching cartoons with reagan. not a bad way to spend the morning. after a bowl of ramen (of course) reagan was ready to go adventure in the snow. unlike our last snow day, it was super cold outside and windy and starting to snow again. reagan was oblivious to it all. she just loves pelting us with snow "balls".
she found eating the snow was quite satisfying. thank goodness we had a lot of clean snow! after i finished shoveling (fantastic way to work out) we went on a walk up the block before i was too cold to go on. reagan, pink as her cheeks and nose were, kept saying "c'mon mommy, build a snowman". no snowman for me today.
reagan however makes a perfect snow angel.

marred only by her attempt to get up out of the snow!


Anonymous said...

Who would have thought it???
Reagan loving the cold and the snow!!! What happened to my little desert girl? She looks very happy.

{b} said...

higley misses YOU!!!! we ALL do!!!! :(