life's lemons

Friday, February 27, 2009

recently an old friend asked me how i was. as usual, i can't just give a simple answer. i hate when i ask someone how they are and they say "fine". it is right up there with "nothing" to the question "what are you thinking". so instead of just replying "fine" (which i am sure was the expected answer) i said nothing and have thought about the question ever since. this morning as i was getting ready for the day, it came to me. i always love an analogy (probably to a fault) and a good old fashioned corny saying (and a good twist on it). life has given me lemons. i can either complain about the load or make lemonade. i decided to make lemonade. then later today i was flipping through my landlord's issue of people magazine that was inadvertantly delivered to our mailbox (he had already closed shop for the day, and being rainy i thought i should bring it in and keep it my hot little hands) and came across this ad. somehow, it struck me as perfect. too perfect not to share.


JuJu said...

You are the most special person at taking your lemons and making the most of it.
I have always admired your ability to make the best of any situation.

{b} said...

ALWAYS best to be optimistic (even to the point of annoying)!!!! miss you and glad you are feeling better. and by the way, it actually worked with dodger "in tow"!!! i strapped him to his leash and he just ran beside me! i feared for his life a couple times when he would dash in front of the bike, but we made it safely to a from the park!!! it was a modern miracle! :)