has spring sprung?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

after last weekend ending with a snow storm that was labeled "the worst one in years" i would not expected mike to come inside and say "it's shorts weather out there". i checked my weather forecast and sure enough, it was promising sunny skies and 62°! well, it was overcast and 70°, but i am in no way complaining.

we had already decided to go check out the new jersey naval museum. the only expectation we had was it was free. that is what we were looking for in something to do today. they have a bunch of navy things (guns, boats, pictures....not shoes, purses or skirts).

i amused myself by taking pictures of reagan

and by convincing her to go try and talk to the geese. the geese were not amused.

she amused me by sitting down in front of this monument and reading the sign. this is a direct quote from her telling me what the sign says:

"from 1992 until 1994...."
i was laughing too hard to hear what she said "happened". it was too funny! also, i was still laughing at her carefully finding a place for her high school musical lunch box (it has all her 'important' things in it) before plopping herself down on the ground.

hubby walked around and read all the signs and looked at all the things.

here is one of the reasons i adore mr. mike:

we both know reagan will only carry her own lunch box half the time. i tell her to leave it in the car because i don't want to carry it. he always tells her its okay and lugs it around for her when she asks. it takes a man to wander around new jersey or new york with a high school musical lunch box. that man is my man.

then my genius of a hubby said "hey, lets go to the bergen county zoo. its free until april". and off we went! what a lovely surprise to our day! the zoo is always a hit with reagan.

if you ask reagan what her favorite part of the zoo was she would say "climbing the rocks". that girl loves to climb. but she does love her animals too.

our perfect saturday was capped off with a walk down to the park. if today was just a hint of what spring will bring, i can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I still read the "hysterical" markers...my parents and two husbands have threatened to leave me at the roadside... that Reagan gal has class!

{b} said...

HAHAHA the lunch box goes so well with mike's outfit! Reagan is getting so big too!! :( what a lovely spring you guys will have!!!

Anonymous said...

+Sounds like she is following in her parents & grandparents footsteps. I saw a submarine in the background, my kind of day. Need to talk to you about when we will come out to visit and see all the sights.
Love from Grandpa & Grandma