the greatest show on earth......really!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i have been hyping the circus for reagan for almost a month now. i was able to get opening night tickets super cheap in a great spot. mike was not interested in joining us. (that is until about 1/2 an hour before the show!) we arrived early for the 'pre-show' and reagan took pictures with the performers.

one of reagan's favorite games is "funny faces". when she saw this clown taking pictures with kids and making funny faces, she was excited to make one of her own!

these are some acrobats. at the preshow they did juggling of tables and giant vases....with thier feet! during the show they did some wicked crazy tumbling on a gliding platform. look, i can't even begin to explain. you just have to go to the circus to see it for yourself.

there was a ton of singing and dancing (reagan's faves) and pretty girls wearing outrageous costumes. everyone was sooo nice!

one of the best things about the circus is...cotton candy! and this time it came with a free hat. apparently if you spend $12 for a bag of cotton candy, they don't want you to feel cheated! although even after 10 wet wipes and a shower, i still feel sticky!

the pictures don't do the show justice at all! we had super fantastic seats. the theme was magic and i honestly was amazed at some of the tricks.

in case you can't tell .... there is an elephant holding a woman by the leg and twirling her around. how many people can say they have done this! its incredible! they also made an elephant disappear! amazing!

and the big "kittys" are always my favorite. there is always one cranky one that you are sure is just going to snap! not on this night though. thank goodness!

so between the disappearing animals, the fun music and costumes and a guy jumping through a hoop of fire i am not sure who had more fun, me or reagan!


Anonymous said...

Love the little funny...Ringmaster to Fiona and Ollie

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of amazing fun...

{b} said...

aaaahahahah i LOVE her funny face!! too cute!