sometimes it is okay to blog about nothing....right?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

its not that i don't want to blog. or that reagan isn't outrageously cute 95% of the time. (although it did rain on our snow this last week before we could get out to make snow angels.) january (after the special one's b-day of course) is quickly becoming my least favorite month. its cold which limits the amount of free exploring that we can do. the holiday let down has set in. nothing of much excitement is going on. so i find myself with this little post for you, which of course i (and no doubt my mom will) enjoy.
today was costco day. i go at least once a week now. even if i didn't need something there, we would go for the hot dogs. it is almost the best hot dog i have ever had (higley dog still takes the #1 spot, of course). the price on milk is the cheapest i've found and the expiration date seems unusually longer than the grocery stores date stamp. and the produce. oh the produce. they are selling bathing suits already. next to the down jackets. i find that weird. but today i found the most magical wonderful thing....deep dish chocolate chip cookie cake. it is like a pazookie on steroids. and crack. and delightful wonderment. it weighs 4 pounds. reagan and i each had one bite and decided we couldn't live another day without buying a whole one. he kept asking me if i was sure i only wanted one and i was like, yeah dude, one is going to be enough. the box has a new jersey address and i thought if it was really something special i would just go there and get one. on line it is $44.95. i paid $16.99. they only are at costco 1 day a year. today was our lucky day. oh i will have to mark this day on my calender forever. i am already planning on how i am going to make this one last as long as possible. suddenly it seems so small.


{b} said...

i love posts about nothing! and i wish i could enjoy this little treat with you too! miss you

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a cute Reagan photo...and the yummy chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Looks tooooo good, the chocolate is good, Reagan is better, so grown up looiing. Dad