Monday, January 19, 2009

today is a no school day for miss reagan. due to the "inclimate weather" we are having a good ol' fashioned snow day! once again it snowed yesterday. we keep hearing how the weather hasn't been this bad in years! it really isn't that bad. saturday was cold. it was 8° when we left the house. it was 20° in the middle of the day. that is cold! yesterday was snowy. today is 30° and overcast, but it feels warmer than that. actually, it just started snowing again. this morning i made a giant breakfast of french toast, eggs and bacon. (none for me thanks, i started the "body + soul challenge" today....more on that later) we had to get fueled up for the big snow playing to be done.

Building a snowman always seems so easy in theory. Reagan thought we were going to build a whole family of snowpeople. She wanted a mommy, a daddy, a baby, a sister, a grandmother, a grandfather, aunts and uncles and cousins. Not only is there not enough snow for that kind of thing, it isn't sticky snow and for every bit you pack on, half of it falls off! But i promised my baby a snowgal, and a snowgal she will get!

this is reagan with "big red" our snow shovel. reagan thought shoveling was great fun. well, it is! mike isn't "excited" about the shoveling, but you know him. he is probably excited on the inside.

this is reagan and her snow gal. notice niether is wearing a hat. reagan doesn't find them necessary. she didn't even care that her mittens weren't water proof. i think we are lucky she wore mittens! i swear, people must see us walking down the street and say "oh that poor baby. don't her parents love her enough to put a hat on her." little do they know after a 10 minute struggle that ends right before i pin her down and staple it to her head, that she has announced that "she would rather just be cold" and that "mommy looks better without her silly hat".


{b} said...

hahahah oh how i miss reagan!! :) so lets hear all about this little diet of yours! i might have to jump on board as well! miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that Reagan...she doesn't want to wear a silly hat or keep the heat in that little body that escapes through her head!!!

Dad said...

Snow doesn't pack well when it's cold. You need warm snow for that. Glad to hear you are getting used to the cold. After 8 degrees 25 is pretty nice. HaHa.

Got to try the eggplant. Glad you had a good time with Martha.
Love you all

Christy said...

Oooooh,Susan! That eggplant sounds wonderful. Tried to just put it together with other stuff and it was just a mixture of veggies. I'll try yours next. So glad you are having a good time there. Love looking at the pictures and reading your comments.
You are a very good writer. Looking forward to the next installment of ........
love you, Christy