25 things you should know about me (because someone else asked)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

so i got "tagged" in facebook and since i am always looking for something to blog about and the 2 are linked, what the heck, i might as well put it on my blog! the gist of the whole thing is someone i know sent their list to me and now i have to make my own list. in addition, i invite y'all do make your own list, send it to me and then invite others to do the same.

1. i have been obsessing over my list since last night
2. i am a Christian
3. i am a republican
4. i truly believe that everything happens for a reason
5. being a mom is teaching me what it means to love unconditionally
6. being married is teaching me what it means love someone no matter what
7. i am fully aware that my obsession with the tv show "lost" is not quite right
8. i "blog" in my head all day. this has replaced talking to myself.
9. i cannot stand loud noises
10. i hate to be "sushed"
11. the songs on my ipod are the soundtrack to the story of my life
12. i am "ocd" about following directions and instructions
13. i love lists!!!
14. i only start diets on mondays
15. i was a good speller until "spell check" came along
16. moving to new jersey was my 2nd time being in the northeast
17. i love being in a tiny town
18. i love being so close to nyc
19. i hate the desert and do not find cacti pretty or intersting
20. i have never lived alone
21. i usually am right if i "go with my gut"
22. i am terrified when meeting new people
23. i prefer going to the laudromat over having a washer and dryer in my home
24. i would rather pay someone to clean my house than do it myself
25. i am constantly trying to be better


Anonymous said...

And I think you are very creative...you are constantly improving what you have in front of you.