Saturday, January 10, 2009

our trip to the city today almost didn't happen. a "winter storm warning" was posted yesterday for new jersey and new york, from 11 am sat until 8 am sunday, by the weather channel. at 11:30 this morning, the storm had been down graded in new york. so we hopped on the one o'clock bus and resumed our plans for the day in city.
thursday is my day to go to the martha stewart show. i wanted to do a practice run on the subway so i would have some idea of where i was going. after only one "oops, we need to get off this train and go the other way" we ended up a couple blocks from martha's studio and i felt better about the whole thing.
the weather there was snowy. we found a warm diner to have lunch in and began our quest to find our way to 5th ave to go to build-a-bear. on the way we saw lots of cool places. its hard when you are bundled up tight to stop, take off the gloves, yank out the camera and take pictures. after 2 i stopped. mike was getting too far ahead of me.

we finally found our way to 5th ave and made it to build a bear. we could have gone to one in a mall in new jersey, but that wouldn't have been an adventure! i wouldn't say the streets were empty today, but after our last trip down 5th avenue (when it was packed with christmas time gawkers) it was a more pleasant experience. even with the snow!

reagan gave her new pink monkey a bath after she was stuffed.

once she saw the snow white costume for her monkey (now named annalise) she had to have it.


{b} said...

super fun! glad you are prepared for martha! i would have done the exact same thing!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the two Snow Whites....