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Thursday, January 15, 2009

SO FUN!! SO FUN!! SO FUN!! mike watched the whole thing and he said he didn't see me once, but who cares! it is so fun to go to a live show taping!!
i got up at the crack of dawn (i didn't sleep a wink.....too excited to sleep!) and there was already a good sized layer of snow out. it was cold and snowy in the city, but the streets and sidewalks were plowed and salted by 8 am.

they make you wait until like exactly 8:30 before they let you in. snowing or not. security check and into the waiting room. the waiting room and bathrooms were kind of a disappointment.

the warm up guy is a riot. he comes out and tells you what is going to happen in each segment. its a one hour show with 7 segments. then they load you into the studio.

the studio itself was a lot bigger than i imagined. and louder! we walked into absolute blaring rap music! the bass was so strong, it vibrates the seats! martha likes it bumpin'!

martha is very generous and gave out lots of goodies! if you watched the show, you saw that we got the cheese (yum), the book (i'll let you know), and the face cream. martha told us like 3 times to not throw out the cream because it is $125.00 jar of cream!
after the show she does a question and answer segment with the audience. i had to ask martha something! since she had mentioned in the show earlier about taking care of her dog's skin and coat differently in the winter and the summer i asked her what she does for them in the winter. she said "neem oil" (yes, she even spelled it for me) and said she adds it to the shampoo and she also conditions them really well this time of year. and, she uses the neem oil for the horses as well. just lovely, martha!

then she did promos for a couple markets. one of them was el paso/las cruces, so if you are in that area and you see martha doing a spot in a brownish shirt with a bowl of green apples...i was there!

i will say this, it was uncomfortably cold. the camera and crew were all wearing coats and scarves. like, down coats. my hands were purple. they warn you its going to be cold, but it was colder than cold. any colder and i think we would have seen our breath.

thanks for letting me inundate you with what is probably boring when reading but SO SO SO FUN when you are there!! and now for some pics of my fabulous time!!

cute intern handing out goodie bags!

outside the "audience entrance" at the studio

the set

the prep kitchen

martha q & a


JuJu said...

I am watch for me say "Move That Bus" when El Paso segment of Extreme Makeove:Home Edition airs!

{b} said...

sooooo jealous! wish i could have been there to witness the all mighty martha!! miss u!

jill said...

I saw that show!! I'm so excited that you live out here, and bummed we didn't get together sooner. I would have been happy to go to the show with you :) Where do you live exactly? Send me your email address and we can get in touch.