the big day is finally here! and it kept going, and going and going.....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

today our little tiny baby is THREE! soooo much fun. oh, yeah, reagan is enjoying it too.

i got up at the crack of dawn today make this cake. okay, i got up at 7 to pick it up from the grocery store. whatever!

birthday balloons!

new camera! she wants to take it everywhere so she can send pictures to her friends.

i told her she could have cake after lunch. so she asked for lunch at 10 am. smart cookie!

this is just from the morning session! there was a nap break. the mailman came during naptime.

snow white dress up was so exciting! a little big, but that just means room to grow and more time to wear it.

snow white + dora backpack = "searching for a kingdom"

this is actually last night, she got to open a present early her favorite in this box was the veggie tales cd that is personalized with her name in all the songs.

building cinderella's ballroom and garden

we finished the day at friendly's for dinner and ice cream.

lucky girl!

she can be spoiled, without being rotten!


Anonymous said...

She is not spoiled...she simply enjoys life to the fullest!

Gramma B said...

I miss my Reg-a-rooski!!! Come back home!!!

Anonymous said...

That last photo of Reagan and the ice cream is pure Susie Q at age three...the same profile and the Dora + Snow White look