Please Touch Museum, a day out for Reagan

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A lot of the sightseeing we have done has been fun for Reagan, but not for Reagan. I decided that we needed to go somewhere just for her to run and jump and play. Today we left the snow of New Jersey and traveled to the cold of Philadelphia to the "Please Touch Museum". It is a wonderful children's museum that is totally interactive and she had a great time. There are so many exhibits there. This is just a few things that we did......

The river display was a winding "river" of toys and interactive ways to maniupulate water. It was a little old for her in most parts. She really just wanted to play with the rubber duckies!

Our girl LOVES a carousel. Today she picked the kitty to ride. They had pigs and goats and horses. She is going through a kitty phase. Probably because Daddy said she could never have one!

They had a show going on in the theatre. It was 4 "dads" that have a kids band. I thought it was really fun, but Reagan literally stood with her hands on her hips the whole time just staring at the band. No dancing today!

Reagan built a plane out of foam and attached it to the pulley and used the crank to take it "high in the sky". Her planes would then "fly" down. She got a kick out of winding the pulley more than anything!

There was a whole Alice in Wonderland area that had a maze and a tea party area. In the maze there were fun house mirrors to make you look big and small.

The garage exhibit had her changing tires, operating a bulldozer to move balls around and of course, her favorite driving cars. She especially liked this car because the dash had a picture of a GPS like ours and she always sees us using it.

Our little Lady Liberty!

Probably her favorite exhibit was the grocery store. They had a store with little carts that she loaded up with all the groceries it could handle and little areas like a bakery and the meat counter, etc. My favorite part was this cash register in a glass display because I had one just like it!


{b} said...

I love it! Especially the Queen card! But the real question is....did you wash your hands the moment you left the museum? ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you did love the cash register as you charged your "customers".

Grandpa said...

Well, Glad you had a lot of fun in Philly. The photos of the Queen of Hearts and the Statue of Liberty are precious.