Candland Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2008

What better time to post pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning that before noon on Christmas! Mike is snuggled in bed with Oliver watching little people. Reagan is playing with all her new toys (more on that in a sec) with Fiona's assistance. She has Sleeping Beauty on (Reagan rarely just sits and watches TV. She likes to have it on while she does other things. Hmmm, where did she learn that?) Sit back, get comfy, maybe take a trip to the restroom before you go any further...theres a lot to share!

This year I decided that Christmas Eve would be a good time to make cookies for Santa.

Sugar cookie + pink frosting + sprinkles = Barbie Cookies. Yes, you may copy this recipe.

The no bake cookies are perfect for her because they are easy to stir. She helped me measure out ingredients and count scoops. She also added the sprinkles.

Santa ended up with a Barbie cookie, a chocolate cookie and a glass of eggnog. Green plate, red cup of course! I hope Santa appreciates these details! We did not however have carrots for the reindeer. I completely forgot when we were at the store and I think Mike would have drawn a line at leaving a bag of frozen veggies under the tree.

As you may know, Reagan asked Santa for a "My Little Pony Scooter Driver". She was very excited to see that he listened!! And she was excited that she was a good girl this year!!

Oliver and Fiona got Reagan a My Little Pony. Oliver was relieved that she liked it.

Now we can have family game nights! Of course Michael is super excited and can't wait to get his Candyland on! No, not really. He's more of a Chutes and Ladders.

Reagan sets the Sleeping Beauty walking horse on the floor, taps it with the wand to make it start walking and says to it "okay horsey, follow me". It was the funniest! No, the funniest, was when she turned around to look at the horse and he was walking the other way and she got this irritated look because he wasn't right behind her!

Reagan has always had great facial expressions, but its her comments that crack me up! She opened this gift and said "Oh, they are beautiful My Little Pony dress ups. I will send them a thank you letter!"

I don't know if you can tell by the pictures, but the amount of wrapping paper that touched the floor was exactly one little scrap. Mike had the trash bag out before the first rip of paper. So now everything is out of their boxes and being played with. She is so excited to have new toys. Mike and I this year decided not to get each other anything but we did get crab legs at Costco for our Christmas dinner. YUM! And no, for those of you wondering, we did not get a White Christmas. It is sunny and the birds are chirping. Which is actually better because the last little bit of ice left over needs to melt. We learned the hard way that it pays to get out there and start shoveling!!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas
The pictures do remind me of a scant 27 years profile Miss Reg and Miss Susan are the same person...Oh, Mike, hang on for a lovely ride. As always the photos are we feel we have had our little family with us today!!!

Julie said...

I love the comments she makes! She sounds like you!

Gramma B said...

I miss my Reg-a-rooskie! Come home!!! Gramma B