The weather outside is frightful and delightful!

Friday, December 19, 2008

I guess the "snow" the other day was just a test. Today was the real deal. It started snowing sometime after I took the pups out this morning at 8 am and it hasn't let up. Well, there was a brief change to a "wintry mix" of not quite snow and not quite rain. But we are now back to snow! Big beautiful white flakes of snow. Silly me, I thought Reagan and I would jump in my big blue beast of a car and just run our errands as usual. Of course, I picked the steepest street to start out on and when I got to the end of the street, I kept on going! Fortunatley, there was no one around!! I turned around and went back home. Thankfully Mike was willing to drive us to our errands. It took us ONE HOUR to drive 7 MILES! It was crazy! Reagan got to wear her snow boots and trudge through the winter wonderland. Still refused to wear gloves, hat and scarf! Oliver ran around in it for awhile and didn't seem to mind. Fiona is a little less enthusiastic. She goes out, does her business and bolts back to the warm inside.

is this the sidewalk or the street? too snowy to tell!

the super tall backyard tree

backyard entrance to scary basement and windows to our bedroom