Sue in the City

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am sure this is not the first "Jersey Blog" that everyone wants to see. We got here great. I promise once the boxes are out (they are empty with nowhere to go) that I will send pictures and way too much detailed information about everything. But it is overwhelming. So! I am going to be selfish and talk only about my first trip to the City. It was spectacularly wonderful and I will never forget it. We didn't even get there until after 9 and if you know me, 10 o'clock is bedtime no matter where I am! But we parked right down the street from Times Square and it was jaw dropping amazing. It was as bright as day! We took the train to get the BEST pizza in the Village. The first subway ride was uneventful. Plenty of places to sit, no interesting characters. The ride back to Time Square was hysterical! Poor Mike was squished by sooo many people. All you could see was his little head sticking out of a sea of people. He is a giant here! We just kept laughing because they kept piling on, even though we were sure there was no more space! I don't think he will be up for a trip to the city again anytime soon! I don't think there is a time when it is "less crowded" which is when he prefers public places. I did not attempt a street hot dog. I was really disappointed to learn that "dirty water dog" is because they are boiled in water. I don't know what I thought it meant, but it wasn't that! Why aren't they on a spit? I don't know about the whole hot dog in the city dream now. It just isn't working for me anymore. But I did find a magical place that I am waiting to go to until Becca gets here. It is called "The Hummus Place". Need I say more?

I have also enjoyed my first White Castle hamburger (Reagan likes them because they are tiny tiny and she likes things tiny tiny.) I have developed an obsessive hunger for them and am forcing Mike to take me tomorrow night! Everything seems magically different. I know the magicalness (new word, add it to your spell check, don't fight it) will wear off. But I can honestly say that I was scared crapless when I got off the plane and spent most of Friday wondering what the heck I had just done. But by the walk to the Bagel Shop down the street Saturday I felt at home. I can't explain it, I just feel like I am in the right place. I promise next time to blog about something other than myself (and food)!


b said...

I can imagine it now, Mike's cul-de-sac floating above the sea of full, thick, flowing locks. Oh how it is out of him element! We miss you guys and will be preparing for the day when we come to visit and eat hummus until our heart's content. The poor little Hummus Place wont know what hit em!