My New Laundry Room

Monday, November 17, 2008

My new laundry has rows of giant washers as far as the eye can see and a mirroring wall of dryers that hold four times as much as the washers. My new laundry room is spotless and the floors are unbelievably clean. My new laundry room smells like warm dryer lint. Now if only I could figure out what all those darn people are doing in my new laundry room!

In anticipation of needing tons of quarters I have been saving and scrounging quarters for weeks. I even found the most perfect laundry money jar in the world. A young boy in 1991 named Mike Candland fashioned it out of clay and scratched his name in the bottom of it. And so Sunday I filled my little coin purse, specifically set out for said quarters, and marched right up to the first washer only to find they do not take quarters anymore! Its a reloadable card. Surely the card machine takes all the quarters people used to put in the machines! NO! NO! NO! CASH! Who takes cash to the laundry mat? Apparently anyone who has been to one in the past 10 years, which does not include me.

Don't let this adorable picture fool you. This lasted 2 and half minutes and the rest was a lot of screaming and running. I have blocked most of it out. But see that guy in the back folding? He does the most amazing trick with the socks! They were perfectly folded and flat and it involved banging on the table, but they looked fantastic! And the girlfriend, she can fold a fitted sheet like I have never seen anyone do before. I literally stared in awe the whole time they were folding thier laundry. It was lovely. I will say this, after an hour and a half on Sunday of laundry time, was washed, dryed and put away! I have never been caught up on laundry before. I told Mike I love the washeteria. He said, "we'll see". Ah, my little optimist.


tcandland said...

That's a darling little jacket reags has on! I love the new posts, although didn't I say you are required to post daily.....:)

b said...

HAHAHA I LOVE it! :) if you move back home you can use my washing machine and we can call it a washateria. I will even learn how to fold fitted sheets to perfection!

dad said...

This is dejavu with you, less the screaming & running. To bad about the quarters, maybe they will still work in parking meters.