Strawberry Hill----Forever!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Strawberry Hill was the most fantastic way to spend time with our rather large family prior to our move to Wood-Ridge. Bev spends at least 6 months planning these vacations and they are so much fun! This year we went up to the mountains of Strawberry Hill. We were reunited with our favorite roomates Aunt Becca and Uncle Jared. The kids (all 20 plus 2 tiny tiny babies) had a blast just being together.

Out of Africa was crazy! The kids walked with tigers. Bev, Mike and Camden made out with a camel. We were snubbed by a bored giraffe. It was a wild time. Reagan couldn't spend enough time with her cousins and a few aunts and uncles offered to keep her instead of her going with Mike and I to New Jersey. I think if it were up to her, she would stay here and leave us with no problem!


tcandland said...

That is a cute picture of the girls! Out of Africa WAS crazy, wasn't it?!!