2,678,400 seconds until we move to New Jersey

Thursday, October 2, 2008

We have a truck! We have airplane tickets! We might even have a place to live! It looks like we are on our way!

Finding to place to live in a place you have never been isn't as easy as it sounds. Fortunatley, Jemine puts up with my 10 emails a day proclaiming that "I have found my dream home!" didn't annoy her too much. I think it may have added a chuckle to her day, at least. My new hobby for the week was to scour Craigslist, Aparments.com, Rent.com and any other site offering rental housing in North Jersey. This replaced my old hobby of scouring Monster.com, TelecomCareers.com and any other website that offers jobs. What am I going to do with myself now that we have a job and a place to live?? I am sure I can fill the time. Packing, purging and pricing have taken a backseat this week but after playgroup tomorrow I am back on it!

We pick up the truck Nov 2nd. Mike and Jared will head out on thier "Amazing Race/Survivor/Bromance" adventure across the country.
Reagan and I will have an extended slumber party with Aunt Becca until we get on the plane Nov. 6. Just a short 4 1/2 plane hour ride and we will be in FABULOUS (power of positive thinking, people) New Jersey for a slumber party with Our Jersey Girls (GoGo, Tini and Mimi-to Reagan. Gloria, Justine and Jemine-to the rest of the world). Mike and Jared will pull into town and we can start our lives in our new space.

We found an apartment in the town of Wood Ridge. We are leaving our 1800 sq feet for, well, much less. But we are a close family and Reagan and I are tiny. We get to take both dogs, which was a major stressor for a while. Apparently, apartments in Jersey aren't as puppy friendly as we would have liked. But we have our own private apartment with no nieghbors and a yard, so what more could we ask for?!

It is crazy to think that this time next month I won't even be sitting at this table! But crazy in a good way. Team Candland is ready to start this adventure. Heck, just getting to November 1 is going to be an adventure unto itself. Between family trip, Candland Title, Reagan's activities, my mom coming to visit and Halloween (plus the activities that Halloween comes with) we have a jam packed month without throwing a move across the country into the mix. But we can hande it. We are ready.

As soon as I get confirmation that we actually have the apartment I will post pictures. I will say this, I will be spending sometime with HGTV while I pack up the house to get "cheap and easy decorating tips". Forget "Design on a Dime"...its more like "Design with a nickle and a shoestring" Not a shoestring budget, literally a shoe string!


tcandland said...

FINALLY!!!!!! It's about time you let us all leave comments!! We need to have a going away party for you guys! :(