Watch out Jersey--Team Candland is on its way!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It is official. We are moving to New Jersey! Mike has a job with a company in Mahwah where he showcase his many talents in site acquisition and zoning. It is the job he wants for the money he wants and its "back east"! What more could we ask for?

Things are really rolling now so all the planning I thought I had been doing the past month now seems like I was just spinning my wheels. Now there are actual things to do! Not just things to plan to do! Packing and purging and cleaning. Rent this house, rent a place in New Jersey. Fortunatly, my best friend is already in New Jersey and she is helping us look for a place to live. My first trip to New Jersey will be to move out there. How crazy is that. What a big adventure!

Candland Family Vacation is before we go and I am really glad for that. The hardest part is that Reagan has become so close with her little cousins. They are so cute and they love each other so much. All Reagan talks about is her cousins and I hate to move her away from that. But we are going to find a preschool for her in New Jersey. She is such a social butterfly that she will have new friends before we do! And although nothing will take the place of her cousins, they will always be her cousins and I will make sure that they are always close at heart.

I hope that you join in our excitement. As excited as we are, it is also a scary thing. I know our families are sad to see us go. And believe me, we will miss everyone so much. But we would rather spend our last month here making good memories and enjoying everyone. Not defending our decision for what is best for our lives.

PS: Did you know that the tri-state area has 7 Ikeas and one of them you have to get to by boat! I know that if I am shopping for swedish made furniture at a cheap price, I want to get there by boat!