I have 115 days - 2 hours - 57 minutes - and 29 seconds until my child is out of the terrible twos phase...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

.....According to the terrible two's countdown calculator. There is no such thing as "Terrible Twos for Dummies". I looked.

Has anyone seen my cute little angel girl? Because the monster that I have right now is not the darling princess that I gave birth to. And, I am pretty sure that "no child of mine would ever act that way in public." So therefore, the only logical conclusion is that in the middle of the night, while she was sleeping in her crib (another strange occurance) that aliens came and switched her out. That's all. All I have to do is travel to outer space, find the planet where she is and get her back. Becuase the other option of keeping this monster child and never going out in public again just really isn't going to work. Thank goodness there are Wal-Marts every 5 feet because we can cross the one we were at today off of our list of "places we can go".

In other news, Mike was contacted for a job here. In Arizona. I thought I was really rocking "The Secret". I was quite certain all the "power of positive thinking" I was sending out into the universe was working. That, and everyone was working "The Secret" AGAINST me. For all the positive "move to New York" energy that I put out there, I had more people working it the other way, for us to stay here. I didn't make a vision board though. That could be part of the problem. I wonder if my power of positive thinking WITH a vision board would trump multiple people putting out the thoughts that we should stay. I don't believe you can use the power of prayer against somebody. Becuase why would your prayers be deemed more important than mine. But the secret. Now that is a battle. Whose power of positive thinking out ranks someone elses? And how do you measure the strength of positive thoughts. If one person throws 100% into it and 5 people throw 10% into it, how is that going to come out? Of course, I am just kidding. Although I believe in the power of positive thinking. If you have a positive mind, you are a positive person. Negative thoughts breed negativity. I will use it in a sentence "I am positive that we are moving to the East Coast."

I just saw a commercial the new prequel movie 24: Redemption. Coming out in November. The story line will fall between Season 6 and 7. This makes me very happy. I heart Kiefer and I did not particularly enjoy Season 6. In fact, I don't think I made it throught the season and I feel like Kiefer owes us a little something extra. Especially me, his biggest fan and secret girlfriend. Don't listen to my friend Donna if she tells you that she is his secret girlfriend. Because she is jea-lous!