The Most Magical Family on Earth

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Peter Pan has taken my Tinkerbell to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Mike and Reagan have gone on a "Daddy / Daughter Trip" to Disneyland. In the past year, we have been a few times. The first time was actually this time last year. Then for Thanksgiving (the start of a new Team Candland tradition). In the spring with Gramma and Poppa. Mommy and Reagan went on a special "Mommy / Reagan Trip". Each time we keep the destination a surprise. Honestly, we are perfectly aware that she is not going to remember this year of "surprise" Disneyland trips. We take her on adventures knowing that she is not going to remember down the road that we went to Disneyland constantly this year. We also aren't going to put her in a box until she has a fully functional memory bank. So yesterday Mike began prepping her for the "surprise" vacation. We have learned to wait until the last minute to spring these things on her because, bless her 2 year old little heart, she has no concept of time. (This does not stop her from turning her arm to look at her watchless wrist and ask what time it is, or tell me what time it is.) Reagan's response to the announcement? "I want to go on Tigger-Pooh". And for the rest of the evening and into the ride to school this morning, she alternates between saying which rides she wants to go on and asking if I remember rides. Mind you, we have not said "Reagan, you are going to Disneyland." She has just assumed that is what is going on, because that is where all surprise vacations end up. And when I remind her no one has told her where she is going she says "Mom, its not a surprise." and continues her list of rides and characters. And so all packed up with extra panties, extra shorts, snacks, movies and a constant mantra from me (that I am sure I mutter in my sleep) "Take her potty all the time. She will say she doesn't have to go, but she does." Of course, my carefully researched and printed copy of "Happiest Potties on Earth" (why didn't I think of this?) did not make the trip. Well, originally. I faxed it to the hotel and asked them to give it to them upon arrival. Look, I a pretty good about letting Mike do his thing with her. He dresses her when I don't and I don't set it out or change her. He has never had to finagle a ponytail or barrette. I even let him take her to my mothers by himself and he did all the packing. But until this girl has control of her bladder, I am going to assume she needs to pee all the time, as should everyone else.

I talked to them on the way to the park where Reagan was more excited about the Barbie movie she watched in the car on the way over than the fact that she was waltzing into the Magic Kingdom. (Princess and the Pauper. Ironically, when we went on our adventure, we didn't take the movie, just the soundtrack and I listened to it the whole drive there and the whole drive home. I used "shuffle" to mix it up a bit. The things we do for the happiness of our child in the car.)

Mike called a little while ago to say that they went on Pinnochio, Pirates, Rockets, Tea Cups and the MATTERHORN! My little girl on the Matterhorn! She is just a baby you say, well maybe, but she is a baby that has been on the Matterhorn. And my darling Mr. C. How lucky am I to have a husband that whisks his daughter away to Disneyland all by himself with a 85% potty trained 2 year old. And even though I am home by myself with an over protective dog (Oliver really steps it into high gear when Mike is gone) and a dog that is in the middle of potty training (Seriously, between the kid and the puppy I feel like I think about pee A LOT more than the average person. To people even think about pee on a regular basis? I am obsessed at this point. Not with the actual pee, with making sure that it doesn't end up on my carpet, beds, etc. etc. etc. This is normal right?) and there is a storm going on and I am afraid of the dark, I am super happy that I have such a neat husband and kid.