Friday, September 5, 2008

Let me share a little something with you that you probably already know all about (I obviously was late to the boat on the blogging thing). Its a little thing called "Craigslist" and it is just fabulous. Last night I decided to see if I could sell some bigger items that I knew I wouldn't get what I wanted for in a garage sale (ie: computers, furniture, baby stuff) and by then end of the weekend I should have about $500 in our moving fund and some stuff that we don't want to move out of here. Amazing! I don't know what I am going to do when I run out of stuff to sell. (Although, I really don't think that is possible, given that there is a whole section devoted to things that people want and are looking for!)

Mike is now also in the running for a position in Portland, Oregon. I don't think we could get much farther from New York with that one if we tried. But it is with a GREAT company and it would be an awesome opritunity (I just CANNOT spell that word). I told Mike to do whatever he thinks is best and we will do what we have to do. Meanwhile, I am selling in the middle of selling his XBox, PS2 and the games, so really, he could tell me we are moving to the moon and I probably would say okay, let me sell our bathing suits (becuase we wouldn't need them on the moon). Poor Reagan is not going to know what to do when all the toys that she has been neglecting start filing out the door, but I am pretty sure she will get over it!

Okay, I just felt chatty, and I promised updates! So there you have it world!