the first (real) snow of the year

Sunday, December 20, 2009

how perfect that the first day of winter brought us our first good snow! we waited with anticipation all day yesterday for the dumping that the news promised us. and while we were sleeping, all snug in bed, the snow came.

the super cute "snowman accessory kit" i bought was worth every penny....except the snow was too dry to stick together to make more than a bottom. which i quickly announced was the head.

reagan loves the snow!

mr. mike and his big red shovel. shoveling the alley is quite the workout!
after the snow fun we came inside for hot chocolate, oatmeal and now its time for boys to watch football and girls to go shopping! what fun winter is starting out to be!


{b} said...

ooooh i love a white Christmas!! sooo pretty!!!

Sheri said...

to have a White CHristmas...hope it was perfect!

Candi said...

Looks like you and your family are blessed! Could you call us as soon as you can? We have some of the stuff you left and would really like you to get it back. I'm sure some of this is extremely important for you. Please call 480-251-5376.

Happy New Year!

The Durbins

Anonymous said...

Today is the last day of January and the world awaits an update on the Team Candland blog.