Yes, it really is our Christmas Tree

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mike has 4 requirements for a Christmas Tree:

#1 It must be real

#2 It must have white lights

#3 It must be from Home Depot

#4 It must cost no more/less than $19.99

This year he accomplished 3 out of 4 of these. I am just glad that it is done! I like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree myself. This one is a little too busy to qualify. But I did hang my bird ornaments on it. Reagan really seems not to care too much. The big deal for her was "getting the Christmas Tree". Now that we have it, excitement is over.

This is one of my precious bird ornaments. Sweet little guys. I made flowers too, but there just wasn't room. I am thinking maybe I will put one on the top. We'll see.

The new topic of conversation: Cookies for Santa. It goes goes something like this:
Reagan : I want cookies from Santa.
Me: No, we leave Santa cookies for when he brings your present Christmas Eve.
Reagan : I can't wait to see him.
Me: He will come when you are asleep.
Reagan : I won't go to sleep.
Me: He won't come if you are awake. He knows when you are sleeping and when you are awake.
Reagan : I want Barbie cookies.
Me: Barbie cookies for Santa?
Reagan: No, for me.
Me: What about Santa?
Reagan: Oh, he can have one of my cookies.


Juju said...

Love the birdies...great nutcracker, too!!!

{b} said...

Love the ornaments! you are becoming martha & my hero, more and more each day!