'Tis the Season

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Although I was impressed by the amount of decorations that Wood Ridge and our neighboring towns had to offer for Thanksgiving (I have never seen so many giant blow up turkeys), I am overwhelmed by the Christmas decor. We stayed indoors for most of Black Friday but emerged Saturday to find that Christmas decorations had sprung out of 75% of the lawns and store fronts. All the little towns have little banners and decorations on the lamp posts (yes, lamp posts). So super cute. There was some snow on Sunday morning but not enough to get me out of bed at 6 am to take a picture. It would take blanket of snow covering all things to get me out of bed to take pictures at 6 in the morning.

But our Santa sightings have started. We were ambushed by a photographer at Walmart doing free pics with St. Nick and I didn't want to be rude! Plus, its good practice for Saturday's "Holiday Celebration" at Reagan's school.


JuJu said...

Cute picture...I hope Reagan likes all of the Santas that she meets during the season.

tcandland said...

How cute! The background this is so easy- just go to www.cutestblogontheblock.com, pick one, then cut and paste to a new widget... we miss you!