Saturday, December 6, 2008

I guess have been holding out long enough. The demand is still high for pictures of our New Jersey bunglow, and I hate to disappoint my public. Reagan begged all morning to help to clean the bathroom and it was so cute, I had to get a picture (or two).

The bathroom is probably at the top of the "5 Things I hate About This Apartment List". Its not the bathroom as a whole, it is the fact that when they grouted the tile, they didn't use bathroom grout and it is moldy in parts. Mike is in the process over going over the places that make me want to puke with new caulk. The black organizer that hangs on the back of my door falls into my "Things I Love About Our Apartment" list. It is so handy and you can't see it, but the bottom is a hamper!

Fiona is likes to supervise to make sure everything is done to her satisfaction!

The picture on the left is Reagan's room taken from the doorway in our room. The rooms are spacious, but we have sacrificed hallways. The paint is also on the "5 Things I hate About This Apartment List". A color blind person painted this apartment. It is not worth changing, but it is shocking if you are not used to it. She has a ton of room to play in her room. She never does of course!

This is our room. You cannot tell by the picture, but I have made the most cozy bed! It has a thick fluffy matress pad and between the top sheet and the comforter I put a down blanket. It is just fabulous to crawl into at night. It is soooo snuggly! Another thing I love! Oh, and I should have opened the bedroom blinds, but it looks out in the backyard at this ridiculously tall tree.

The rest will come. That is half the rooms really! I love it because everything has a place and we have everything we need. We got rid of soooo much crap we didn't use/need/want but kept because we had space for it.
We are on our way to "Little Stars Academy Holiday Spectaular" so we will have more pictures to post later!! XOXO


JuJu said...

Thank you for the pictures...I like the floors. It is nice that the Reagan has a nice size room. She will eventually spend more time there.

b said...

yay!!! Finally! It looks good! and I cant believe how BIG Fiona is getting! :)