a brand new day

Sunday, December 28, 2008

i was making a couple of changes on my blog and thought i'd jot a couple notes. i woke up this morning and felt that my funk has passed. thanks ladies for reminding me that i am doing whats best. sometimes its just nice to hear it come from some one else other than me!
today, i once again underestimated the population of new jersey. reagan and i headed out to the mall at 1 o'clock. not any particular reason, just to see something new. after circling the parking lot for an hour trying to find a space, reagan suggested we go to target. and so we did.

tomorrow we are going to go back to the church we tried a couple of weeks ago. if you have not heard about our experience the last time, well, it is very hard to explain this way. so i will put it the best way i know how. you know at the end of napoleon dynamite. where he is dancing. so trade napoleon for the pastor (a really nice lady in her 30s) and her daughter (probably 11). add matching outfits. now, play some christian rock music, throw in some interpretive dance. you have what went on there. mike wants to go back every week just in case it happens again. i do not want to go back for the same reason. finding a church for us is going to be a little harder than i expected.

after church we might go to the flapjacks steak and pancake house. its pretty tasty. then i need to go to michaels for more yarn. i found a little wrap thing and a scarf at anthropoligie and i want to try . hopefully something will be ready in time to wear to martha!

and i have some other crafty ideas that i will be sharing more about if it turns out ok!! reagan asks to do arts and crafts everyday. she has also become quite the hi ho cherry-o player.



{b} said...

cute layout!! love it, and LOVE the scarfs from Anthro! my fave! i meant to tell you that i am doing a scarf in that green yarn too!! haha we will have to compare when we are both done! so glad you are out of your funk and lovin life again! miss u