time flies when your turning your life upside down...again

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

okay, okay...i know. i am a delinquent blogger. i'm sure ya'll missed my wit and charm and fabulous pictures of miss roo (oh i know that is what you really want)! well, it's my mission to catch ya'll up on the cra-zy summer we have had before summer is actually over!

we shall begin with our trip to Hershey Park. or, as i like to call it "the trip where we found out we were moving to maryland".

this little puppy is charlie. out of all the toys and crap at hershey park, all little miss roo wanted was daddy to play a carnival game and win her a prize. for a mere $2 happy kid, happy parents!

as the shorter parent, i get to experience the joy of the rocket ship ride. even though i am convinced one day the thing is going to snap and i will be hurled across the park and land on a cotton candy stand, i do it for the love of miss roo's giggle.


Anonymous said...

One of the funnest days of my 61 years...love to be with the Roo and rides.