november is half way over?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

what a crazy month it has been so far. i knew i was going to regret not posting all these adventures right away!! so here is a quick peek at what we have been up to since halloween. they are out of order! :( i promise to post better going forward! xoxo

this is in new york. does anyone recognize it? it is the house from the will smith movie "i am legend". we passed by it on our way to the path train. because i am uber-dork, i thought it was great fun that i had the dvd in my purse to mail back and i put in the mail box right across from the house! love it! i know....weird-o!

this is reagan's buddy ava from school. well, reagan insists on calling her eva. ava doesn't seem to mind. ava and her mommy (laurie) went to the magic show that our church had. magical silly willy delighted and amazed. so did the tattooes, face paint and balloons!
these are our friends crystal and john. we had a fabulous time on a beautiful day with them. church, lunch, zoo, amazing dinner (made by crystal)! an awesome time with awesome people! :)

ah! magical silly willy picked reagan as a special assistant. she was so excited and then got a little stage fright maybe? but she was super cute and had a lot of fun.

reagan and ava at mcdonalds. these two angels sat and ate lunch at their very own table and were sooo good!

crystal and i at martha stewart. the cheese show! fabulous! crystal is from manhattan and is an amazing tour guide of the city. so fun!


{b} said...

sooooo fun!!! wow, how many martha shows do you have under your belt now? thats quite the accomplishment! :)

Sheri said...

It is so fun to keep in touch this way. Grant is checking out your blog with me and says he misses Reagan and wants to send her a flower. Love you guys!!