oh martha!

Friday, April 3, 2009

i know, i know. i have already been to martha. but i love love love it. and this time i was lucky enough to go with jill (mike's cousin) who lives in the city. it was so nice to spend time with someone who knows "my people" and to get a hug from family.

we had great seats. but all i can think when i see this picture is i need to lose 20 pounds. i gain weight in my face before any place else.

this is in the waiting room.
after the show martha. she normally does a little Q & A but this show was running late. she didn't even get to the stationary making. oh martha!

on the way to the subway (jill, i could have taken the "1". now we know!) i saw this. how could i not take a picture. it was an ad campaign for bounty paper towels. only in nyc!


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jill said...

Love the pictures! And thanks so much for letting me tag along with you, I had so much fun. And it was so nice to see some family. I find comfort in knowing you are just a train ride away :)

Lets get together soon! I just saw Becca last night, we need to make plans when she gets in town.