daycation destination......fairmount art crawl philadelphia, pennsylvania

Monday, April 27, 2009

we love going to philly. aunt marilee and uncle david are so much fun to be with. they know all the cool things in the city. philadelphia is a funny little city. the streets are exactly the same size as when the city was built-small, narrow, cramped. but they are filled with restaurants, stores, galleries and who knows what else (well, marilee and david do, actually).

this trip happened to coincide with the fairmount art crawl. we strolled around and every so often there would be a table with an art, a craft, or something fun to see. marilee knows i love trying to be crafty and reagan is a budding little crafter herself!

paper plate masks was the first table we stumbled upon.

we went into this crazy old used book store that went on and on and on. buried in a corner was the pre-requisite "old bookstore" cat.

our next find was the balloon artist

the park was very tempting, but metal park equipment with no shade does not exactly make sense. not that it stopped aunt marilee from trying! :)

reagan is obsessed with having her face painted. she saw a girl walking down the street with a rainbow on her face and this led to several blocks of conversation revolving around rainbow face painting.

totally worth it

after table upon table of crafts, we found the cupcake table

reagan's first (and hopefully last) drum circle

we finished the day with possibly the best ice cream i have ever had. real homemade ice cream made with butter fat by men with handlebar moustaches. the franklin fountain sooo delicious!


Anonymous said...

Unbelieveble...I can not imagine so many things for Reagan (and all of you). Hats off to Aunt M for being such a trooper!

tcandland said...

Looks like fun! I wanna come play with you guys!

{b} said...

I cant believe how big Reagan is getting! she looks so old in the first pic of her face painted! and way to go aunt marilee!!! :) cant wait to see you guys in a few months!

Team Candland said...

careful what you wish for therena!