the start of the Reagan B-day week extravaganza

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

birthdays are definately the most important day of the year. everyone celebrates all the other holidays. but your birthday is your own. (well, unless you are in a super large family where the odds are there is going to be an overlap somewhere.) last year was the big petting farm party. this year we moved to new jersey. since reagan can't understand that moving to new jersey costs way more than the petting farm, we are (okay, i am...mike is way more adjusted than me) compensating by a week full of fun adventures! at this rate, her sweet sixteen will be on the moon, but who cares! (we'll cross that bridge, well, when NASA says we can! :)
monday night we went to our first nets game. i wasn't sure how excited reagan would be, but the promise of sweet treats made it worth it to her. we went to white castle (for me) prior to the game and had our first "crazy person" incident. that was an adventure unto itself. not quite suitable for a family blog though. anywho! it was a good time. carvel ice cream with sprinkles and all the clapping were reagan's favorite parts.

i personally enjoy the nosebleed seats because you can see everything going on. plus, the stairs work off the white castle and the ice cream!

the twizzlers i snuck in were more exciting than mom taking pictures.

tuesday was movie day. actually, every tuesday can be movie day because we get free movies on tuesdays. move to new jersey people, free movies on tuesdays. (not enough? wait until you see what we do on wednesdays!) so reagan and i took a big adventure to cedar grove to the movie theater and saw bolt. (a lovely story about a dog who loses his person and travels across country to find her.) she loved it. she couldn't wait to get home and see fiona and oliver. then she couldn't wait to get away from them. well, it started out sweet. her favorite parts were the candy i snuck in (see a pattern?) and the closing credits.

she didn't care that the guy was sweeping the theatre!

she had to dance!

stay tuned...its only tuesday!


JuJu said...

I am so glad that the birthday week is off to a great start... and to think that some people celebrate only one day!!!

{b} said...

Birthdays are the BEST! and definitely worth celebrating the whole week! I'm with ya on that one!