Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How cool am I? Very! I have been invited to a taping of the MARTHA STEWART SHOW! (Insert squeal of excitement...WHOO HOO!)

I was on her website a couple of weeks ago and there was a little button that said "tickets" and I clicked on it, requested a ticket and poof! I got this email:

Dear MARTHA fan,
You’re invited! Recently you requested tickets to see THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW, and your show date has been selected. Please read your ticket confirmation and show-day guidelines below.


I am super excited. Mr. Mike has said he cannot go because he cannot "take gifts" and he would have "too many questions". I don't believe this to be true. Ms. Reagan cannot go because no minors under 10 are allowed. (Now I am sure if Martha just spent some time with Reags she would make an exception.) So I am going to journey to the City and go see Martha.

(yes, another WHOO HOO)

There are rules! No tennis shoes, no sleeveless tops, no black or white tops. Bright colors preferred. I may have to buy something new. I can't just pull whatever out of my closet to go to the Martha Stewart Show! (WHOO HOO)

I am going January 15 to the 10 am taping, but I am not sure when that will air. I am pretty sure it is not a live show. But set your TiVo or VCR just in case.

WHOO HOO- I am a little excited!


{b} said...

SOOOOO jealous! I heard she isn't very nice once the cameras stop filming! So you will have to report back if that is true or not!!! :) So excited for you!