we truly hate to leave but we really want to go

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

well, you start a little family project like moving to new york and people think you have lost your marbles. to be honest, it is easier to "blog" about it than to talk about it for several reasons. one, if you really know me, you know that i am not in a "talking mood" lately. my nerves are shot, my full plate is cracking under the load and if only "being stretched thin" really meant "being stretched thin". i'd be as tall as mr. mike! all that said, i must admit that this time for our little family has been necessary. we have learned our lessons about spending and saving. we are learning how to get along when we don't want to. we are really learning how to be a team. mike and i really thought and planned and weighed our options. as much as we love our family here and our family close by. as much as we love our house and reagan's activities. we do not love living here. it is a wonderful place to live, don't get me wrong. it just isn't for us. right now is a good time for us to make a big change. reagan is little enough we can pick her up and move her without scarring her too much. mike is looking forward to getting with a company that he can grow with. i am fortunate enough to have a company that i can take with me wherever i go. we really truly have thought this through. and we truly hate to leave but we really want to go. so as we sit and wait to see what is going to happen next please understand, we know as much as you do right now. all i can do right now is sit, wait and pray. and stare at mike. he just loves that. i just sit and stare. once in a while i ask him about his feelings. he is just loving this time at home too. but i will say this, even with all the sitting and staring, we are continuing with life as usual here. reagan starts playschool tomorrow (see sphuler sprouts in "blogs i know") and we have playgroup on friday's. candland title research is doing great and keeping busy. nothing is changing until we know for sure we are going.