Thursday, August 28, 2008

After many nights of discussion and plotting and planning and negotiating, Mike and I have decided that we are going to move "back east". Now, we have not really lived in the east, so we aren't exactly "going back". But that is what people say. Or that is what I say. Whatever you want to call it is fine, but it is where we are going. Hopefully soon! There is just nothing here for Mike. We could stay here and but we would be in the exact same position in 2 years. If we go "back east" in 2 years we will be where we want to be. We have a couple of friends in the telecom business for companies "back east" that are rolling out nationwide, but are in the beginning stages. It would be great to get in now and grow with a company that is successful there and is going to be successful across the country.

We know it is going to be tough. Our house here has dropped in value so much we can't even refi our first mortgage. Our second has such a high interest rate that we can at least drop it down significantly enough to make it worth it. There are 2 houses in our immediate neighborhood that are rentals and they are larger than ours (not as beautiful, and not on the park) that are renting for less than $1500. This screws us, but if we can get $1000 a month, we will be okay. Not ideal, but okay. We will rent "back east" until we can sell here. What sucks is that if we could get the rent the house is worth, we could rent whatever we wanted in NY. But really, to be honest, I am excited about downsizing for awhile.

Reagan is going CRAZY! Since Mike isn't working, she is staying home and not going to Aunt Chris's. I go to my office in the morning, but even if I leave early, I still bring home work. All she wants is to be with Mike and I. She won't play in her playroom or watch a movie in her playroom if Mike and I are doing something somewhere else. She is so cute that I when I start to get irritated that she is up my butt I start to feel bad because she is so stinking cute and happy. Sometimes I just look at her and think "how can you be so happy right now, everything is shit" and I immediately feel bad because I don't want to her ever stop being that happy for no reason. Jonikka and Chris have been really great. I can call them if Reagan just needs sometime away from us and they take her. We started a play group with the 5 2-year old in the family. We are rotating 2 hours on Friday morning. Sheri did the first one last week and I am doing this week (of course I have nothing planned). She starts playschool with Miss Kristen Monday and Wednesday after Labor day. She has a little backpack and a dress for the first day of school. She can't wait.

Mike is going CRAZY too. It is just a big waiting game. It is hard for him. He is secure enough to know that he has a good resume and he is great with people. He is struggling with the fact that it is a dirty market out here and "back east" he is an unknown. He really is on board to move. There is just not enough here for us. Omigosh, we sold the Harley tonight! How long have I been waiting to do that! I got $1200 for it and that went straight into the "moving fund". He has been really great about being frugal. He is probably worse than me sometimes! He does however spoil Reagan with candy when they go actually go to the store. I just hate that because once she SMELLS candy, it is all she talks about. And she can bargain like nobodys business!

And I have been going to work everyday just to have a couple hours by myself. July was our best month ever. August started out as a dud. We didn't get an order for August until last week. I need 40 orders a month to be okay. As of 2 weeks ago we had zero. As of tonight we are at 45. It makes for a long weekend. I love it though. I am only happy when I am stressed out busy. It gets my mind off of everything else....almost.

So that is Team Candland right now