Saturday, August 2, 2008

i just can't take it anymore...i have to blog! what a fun way for everyone to keep up with us. fun for me or for you? who knows. maybe fun for everyone.

if you are a random blog-stalker joining us for the first time (or if you know us, but not enough about us) here is the scoop on us. we are mike and sue and reagan. plus, oliver and fiona. mike and i were married march'03 and had reagan january '06. oliver (lhasa apso) is 4 and fiona (english bulldog) is 11 weeks.

last year we started a business doing title research for cell tower companies. i could explain the inner workings of what we do, or you can just check out it is super great working for myself and i have an awesome mom-in-law who has become an incredible asset to our business. i couldn't do what i do without her.

but really the center of it all is reagan. she is 2 1/2 and everything we do revolves around that little round head of hers. for a kid that has everyone she meets wrapped around her little finger she is truly a sweetheart. she is fun and smart and sweet and we have no idea how we created such a great kid.